American Evaluation Association (AEA)—The profession’s national association in the United States. Offers annual national conference (in October/November), electronic mailing list, peer-reviewed journals, training workshops, and topical interest groups. Web page provides links to AEA’s “Guiding Principles for Evaluators” and its public policy paper ”An Evaluation Roadmap for a More Effective Government”,; to its topical interest groups, local affiliates, and international evaluation sites; and to graduate and professional development programs and evaluation tools and handbooks.
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Canadian Evaluation Society offers annual national conference (in May/June), peer-reviewed journal, electronic mailing list, and training resources. The webpage provides links to regional affiliates, position papers, resources, and “data banks” of evaluation reports by numerous Canadian and other agencies and private sector organizations.
In 2010, the Society published a suite of competencies—background, knowledge, skills, and dispositions—for Canadian evaluation practice. These serve as the basis for an evaluator credentialing program, development of training programs, and other uses.

International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE)-–An alliance of regional, national, and international evaluation organizations to promote the strengthening of the worldwide community of evaluation professionals, good governance, and recognition of the value evaluation has in improving peoples’ lives.
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Eastern Evaluation Research Society-–Affiliate of American Evaluation Association which sponsors an annual spring conference in New Jersey.
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Federal Evaluators—Washington, D.C.–based informal network of evaluation officials in the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. government. Holds meetings, offers an electronic mailing list, and has a Web site that cites print and Internet-based resources on program evaluation methods and activities. See the web site under “Presentations” for slides from the 2012 conference and a 2006 presentation on the diverse types and uses of evaluation.
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Washington Evaluators—Washington, D.C., local affiliate of the American Evaluation Association. Sponsors professional development training and social networking events. Hosts a website with member-only online resources. Disseminates notices, employment, internship, and consulting opportunities of interest to social research practitioners in the public, private, nonprofit and academic sectors.
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Contact LinkedIn Group: Washington Evaluators.