The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University provides links to its Evaluation Checklists and evaluation reports and publishes the Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation online at

The Evaluation Roundtable is a network of foundation evaluation leaders that seeks to improve how foundations learn about the results of their grant-making and increase the impact of their work. They hold closed meetings but also publish their research on foundation effectiveness.

My M&E is an interactive platform to share knowledge on country-led monitoring and evaluation systems worldwide. Founded by IOCE, UNICEF and DevInfo, it is managed by a consortium of international organizations. Webinars and other evaluation training materials are free and open to interested people.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Development Assistance Committee Network on Development Evaluation, supports an online Evaluation Resource Centre (DEReC) that contains development evaluation reports and guidelines published by the Network and its bilateral and multilateral members.

Program Evaluationat Penn State University, College of Agricultural Sciences, Cooperative Extension and Outreachprovides evaluation planning tools, including Tipsheets on specific evaluation techniques.

The Treasury Board of Canada—the functional equivalent to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget—maintains a database of government audits and evaluations and provides links to Canada’s federal policies, guides and standards for program evaluation, and international evaluation groups.

United Nations Evaluation Group, a professional network of units responsible for evaluation in the United Nations system, provides monitoring and evaluation policy and guidance, training tools, and a database of over 3000 member agency evaluations.

University of Wisconsin, Division of Cooperative Extension, Program Development and Evaluation, provides evaluation planning tools, sample questionnaires, data collection and analysis guidance, samples and guidance on logic models, and reporting ideas. It uses extension-related examples.

William Trochim’s Center for Social Research Methods has materials that include online courses and tutorials on applied social research methods, including program evaluation and research design.

World Bank Independent Evaluation Group provides links to ongoing and published evaluations and evaluation tools. Bank and Carleton University jointly sponsor an intensive 4-week program to build skills to conduct evaluations in the context of developing countries. The International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) takes place in June-July in Ottawa, Canada. See